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my thoughts

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Nice to meet you everyone.

My name is Toyoka Harano and I am an administrative scrivener in Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture.

Thank you very much for taking a look at my thoughts.

Through caring for my father-in-law who has dementia and my mother-in-law who requires nursing care,

By utilizing what I have experienced and felt, I hope that people in similar positions can feel at ease even a little.

We would like to help you so that you can spend your time with a warm feeling.


Various positions overlap, such as working, caring for children, and raising children.

I hope to live happily every day with many busy people.

We aim to create a society where this is possible.

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When you hear about administrative scriveners, it may seem a little difficult and difficult to get into, but

Actually, all people are faced with inheritance etc.You can solve familiar problems,

It is an indispensable presence.

As a familiar lawyer who can easily consult with you by removing barriers as much as possible.

We strive to be helpful to everyone, and value connections between people.

I am doing a voluntary work.

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Toyoka Office-24.png


Providing warmth and security

Realizing a happy society with cheerful and healthy daily life

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​Harano Toyoka

Harano Toyoka​

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Born in Okayama City in 1978.

Graduated from local public school from kindergarten to high school and National University Faculty of Science.

Worked at a theme park management company and spent 12 years building a career mainly in planning, management, franchise business, etc.

After getting married, I moved to Setouchi City and changed jobs to care for my parents-in-law.

​Color coordinator, exterior wall painting advisorAlso active as

Currently raising a child (one boy)Living with husband and mother-in-law


Cancer/A type

【Favorite food】 Pork soup, baked sweet potato, chocolate

【Favorite color】    Blue/yellow/white

[Favorite word] thank you

[My boom (challenging)] How quickly can you make dinner?


Toyoka Office-24.png


● Administrative scrivener (registration number 17331849)

● Immigration Bureau application agent

● 2nd grade color coordinator

● color mentalist

● Sorting and Storage Advisor Level 2

● Exterior deterioration diagnostician​

end-of-life guyde

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​Affiliated organizations

Toyoka Office-24.png


Toyoka Office-24.png

What is an administrative scrivener?

An administrative scrivener is the person you can consult when you are having trouble with the preparation of documents in your daily life or the preparation and procedures of documents to be submitted to government offices when conducting business.

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Toyoka Office-31.png

​Please also refer to this site!

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​Introducing the work of an administrative scrivener

​If you want to know more about administrative scriveners

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Investigation and document preparation related to inheritance and wills
・Application for permission related to international procedures

(Naturalization permit, residence status, permanent residence permit, work status, etc.)

·Certification of parking space

・Copyright registration application

・Seminar, lecture, etc.

Company Profile

Business details


Japan Administrative Scrivener Association registration number

Japan Federation of Administrative Scrivener Associations

Okayama Prefecture Administrative Scrivener Association

Affiliated administrative scrivener association

Administrative Scrivener Toyoka Office

Corporate name

Toyoka Harano



​Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture

TEL: 0869-24-7022

FAX: 0869-24-7022


November 2017


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