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First of all, what is an administrative scrivener?

Japan Federation of Administrative Scrivener Associations

​Official character Yukimasa-kun

In daily life,

Do you have any trouble with laws or administrative procedures?

Who should I consult? What should I do?

that,"Administrative Scrivener Toyoka Office"Help me solve it

Let me do it.


“I don't know what to do."

"I'm in trouble."

help you solve





​ Please feel free to contact us with any problems you may have in your daily life or troublesome procedures to complete on your own.​We can also handle services not listed.

last request


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​Adult guardianship

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​International procedures


Other various procedures




Do you have any worries or desires in your daily life such as ``How can I make each day more exciting?'' or ``I want to be happy and healthy in body and mind.''

We are qualified as Tanda Breathing Therapy therapists and color mentalists, and are able to help customers solve their problems from health science and psychological perspectives.

We will do our best to support everyone who wants to live a happy life in their own way.

​Please feel free to contact us.

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