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Did you have any trouble after your family member died? 

After you pass away, there are preparations you can make now so that your loved ones can live their daily lives as safely and as safely as possible.

It is reassuring to have proper documentation of how you will leave your legacy. I don't know what and how much is in my inheritance, I'm just interested in the ending note, what is a will in the first place? Please feel free to contact us if you have complicated family relationships and want to deal with them while you are still healthy.



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The estate of a deceased person can be used by his/her heirs by following the legal procedures. Leave the complicated procedures to a professional and live your daily life without worry. 

Who has inheritance rights? I know the bank PIN number, but is it okay if the family withdraws cash? How can I pull it out? I don't have much savings at home, but does it matter? Please feel free to contact us.


adult guardianship

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Is there anyone who is worried about not being able to express themselves as they would like due to dementia or a disability?


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There is an adult guardianship system that allows legal acts to be carried out on the person's behalf. Our office is affiliated with the NPO Okayama Adult Guardianship Support Center, which has extensive experience in adult guardianship, and handles a wide range of cases. Please feel free to contact us. 



International procedures​​ki

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We will help you with the procedures for coming to Japan from overseas and living in Japan. 

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Our office belongs to the "Okayama Administrative Scrivener Group Cosmos Association" and holds free consultation sessions for foreigners every Tuesday at Okayama City Hall. Please feel free to use this as well.

Please feel free to contact us if you have come to Japan to study but would like to get a job at a Japanese company, marry a foreigner, live with your family in another country, or obtain Japanese nationality.



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You can protect the rights to various works that you have created yourself.

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You can also protect the rights to your company's know-how and business content. Applications for registration with the Agency for Cultural Affairs are the exclusive responsibility of administrative scriveners, and we promote the protection and utilization of intellectual assets. Please feel free to contact us.




Other various applications

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We also provide consultation on procedures for establishing a company, consultation on financing, preparation of documents to be submitted to public offices, application for subsidies, etc.

​ Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries other than those listed above.


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